Tulips, Squirrel, and a Craft Fair

mrs squirrelI seem to be quite overdue for a post of randomeandering. First of all, is this not the cutest little squirrel drawing you've ever seen? My five year old niece drew it. It is just so adorable! I think she did a terrific job.

My friend has a very fun and interesting yard and I just love walking around with my camera. You can look forward to a plethora of shots from her place this summer. To start, I spotted a couple tulips hiding behind an outbuilding.
yellow orange tulip bls

pink tulip bls

bag fabricOur church is hosting a craft fair in few weeks and since I'm on a sewing kick, I thought it would be fun to participate. So I'm making a bunch of cute little accessory/organizer type bags - the kind you can have in your purse or tote or whatever for chapstick, lotion, ibuprofen, iPod, etc.

What does it say about me when I cut out my fabric and feel compelled to lay the pieces in a nice little pattern because I know that it will make an interesting and colorful photo? Ha! Ha! Okay, maybe not THAT interesting, but it was still fun. Before being a shutterbug, I'd just have piled them up in a boring stack.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to women's ministry for missions. I'm also recruiting Clay Guy to make his cute little sock monkeys - out of clay, of course - to sell there with me.

I have a couple of other things I thought about selling there, but probably don't have the time to do all three. Just have to see how that plays out. I also have NO idea how big the craft fair is, how many people attend, or anything at all. I just know that there's no fee to have a table and a portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause. This is only the second fair, and I wasn't at the first one. So we'll see how that plays out as well.

And hopefully sometime soon, I can finish the blog design, because I really like the completed look just a bit more than this version. In my spare time. Ha! Ha!


Will said...

It is cute, and quite good for 5 years old! I like your header by the way. Are those stones stacked between the trees?

The dB family said...

What a great squirrel! I LOVE that orange and yellow tulip. Tee hee, I would do the exact same thing as you with my fabric pile. Something about always lugging around a camera just creeps into every part of one's thinking doesn't it?


Hen Jen said...

love the tulips! and, I'm always envisioning neat photos from random, colorful items, too!! :)

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