Tales From the Scales - Week #9

To the best of my knowledge, I'm still the same weight. Since I no longer have fully functioning scales, it's kind of a tough read. However, I go to Curves about 3x a week, so I am going to start weighing myself there. The timing and clothes are different, but after the first week, it ought to all balance out. I weighed there on Monday and I weighed the same as I did at home the previous couple of weeks.

Just the same. I am working on getting in more exercise, though. Curves is great for increasing my energy level and keeping me from crashing in the afternoon. It's also good for improved flexibility. However, after a good walk this morning, I can tell that I'm not getting that muscle burn that feels so good when I go to Curves. I do try and really focus on the muscle group being used and work them well. But there hasn't been a burn since I first joined. That's okay, I'll keep going, but I'm adding some home exercise video workouts as well as some walking. I know that the activity has to increase.

Choosing to see the good side of things, I'm grateful that my weight hasn't gone up! And all this HOT weather encourages me to drink LOTS more water! :D

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