The Invitation & The Quest by Nancy Moser

The Invitation by Nancy Moser is the first in The Mustard Seed Series. From the back cover:

“You are invited to Haven, Nebraska. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move…..”

Julia Carson, ex-governor. Walter Prescott, TV news producer. Kathy Kraus, housewife and mother of two young children. Natalie Pasternak, struggling writer.

Four ordinary people with little in common other than a vague dissatisfaction with their lives – and a small white invitation that seemingly comes out of nowhere. None of them know what the invitation is about or who sent it. All of them dismiss it as a practical joke. And yet strange things start happening – things some might even call miraculous. Soon all four find themselves embarking on a journey that will take them far beyond their wildest imaginings, a journey that will test their mettle – and their faith – to the breaking point.

And before it’s over, each will discover that truly, with God, nothing is impossible. Their faith can move mountains – if only they will open their hearts to the One who has called them.

This was a very captivating story and I had a hard time putting it down. I was intrigued by the premise of being invited out of one's comfort zone to a place ordained by God. Hmm . . . sounds like someone else I've read about.

I also went on to read the second book, The Quest, which was equally interesting. The story brings the previous characters together again, through God's orchestration, to face spiritual warfare and their own faith. From the back cover:
Five ordinary people know what’s right. But will they do what’s right…no matter the cost?

In The Invitation, a series of amazing “coincidences” compelled five ordinary people to meet in a mysterious small town – Haven, Nebraska – where they began an incredible journey that could only have been set in motion by God.

Now it’s two years later. The entire town of Haven has vanished, and Natalie, Walter, Kathy, Del, and Julia are each struggling to follow through with the Lord’s direction. Then those “coincidences” start happening again – and one of the Havenites is placed in deadly peril. The others know they must answer God’s call a second time – even if it means facing an enemy more terrifying, more powerful, more malevolent than any of them have ever known. An enemy determined to do one thing: destroy them.

It deals quite a bit with the spirital realm and I've seen it compared to Frank Peretti books. While I'm not discounting the spiritual battle that exists, I personally can't read those types of books without addressing irrational fears. So I didn't read the third book, The Temptation. Nevertheless, if you enjoy such stories, these are very well-written, captivating books. I definitely like Nancy Moser's writing.

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