Friday Miscellany

Blogging on the laptop is a little on the slow side, so I've been waiting for the return of the computer, thus I've posted just about nothing lately. Our tech friend said that it will come home today. I sure hope so. I seem to be lacking in blogging thoughts anyway - maybe it's related to not having my computer. It probably doesn't help that sleep has been avoiding me like the plague the past couple of nights - my brain is a bit less than sharp (I guess that makes it obtuse!).

I can't even comment on things God is doing in my life . . . not that He isn't at work, but lack of sleep has a domino effect - don't get up on time, don't have quiet time, don't talk with God so much, etc. Not a place I like to be, but I have to remember that this will pass. Fortunately He is still active in my life, even when I don't see it or feel it. I am ever so grateful that He doesn't depend upon me and all my weird little quirks in life! He is always consistent, faithful, and gracious. Hallelujah!

I finished Meredith Efken's second SAHM book - @ Home for the Holidays. I know I still owe a review for the first book - SAHM I Am (among others). Here's my dilemma - I neve know how much to say in a review. I need to read some reviews by the other Spring Reading Thing participants so I have a better idea. Right now, I'm reading Club Sandwich by Lisa Samson. I'm only through 3-4 chapters, but am enjoying this - my first book by her. I've also finished 2 of the 3 Ireland books, O Come Ye Back to Ireland and When Summer's in the Meadow. Both are by Niall Williams and Christine Breen. Maybe this weekend, I can get reviews written on all the books I've read for the SRT. That would be an accomplishment! Hubby's working tomorrow, so it would be a good opportunity.

My mom and sister are coming over this afternoon for some Scrabble time (SSD - S*per Scr*bble D*luxe). We've turned "scrabble" into a verb these days. Mom will call and ask, "Do you want to scrabble this afternoon?" Ha!

Guess I'd better go take care of bill-paying since hubby got paid. Then I told the boys I'd take them to get a new pack of Pirates today (not because of the movie - just happens that it came out on pay day).

Oh, I got my free book a couple of days ago! It's Mocha on the Mount by Sandra Glahn. I'm really excited to begin using it for my morning quiet time! Katrina over at Callapidder Days had great things to say about Sandra's Coffee Cup series.

Well, I'd better get going - at least I linked stuff in my post today rather than refer everyone to the sidebar or doing their own internet search. Hopefully the links all work okay.

Wishing you all a blessed Friday and Memorial weekend!


Deena said...

I've tagged you for a meme...stop by My Bookshelf to see what it is!!

Karen said...

I read both of Meredith Efken's books during this reading challenge as well. LOVED them. I just read Sandwich Club last week, too. GREAT book! I finished another Lisa Samson book, Tiger Lillie, this morning.

SSD sounds like fun. My husband and I used to play Scrabble all the time before we had kids. Now there doesn't seem to be enough time!

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