Bad Computer, etc.

Well, my computer is being very bad! In fact, it went over to the principal's house today (our techie friend).

So, this will be a quick update from my Mom's house.

Tales from the Scales - I think I'm up a half pound. No worries, this is about lifelong changes, not just one week.

I just read the most recent updates at Especially Heather (see link on lower right, I'm taking the lazy way out). What a tremendous blessing to see how God's working in her life.

I'm anxious to read Sprittibee's homeschool planning post (yes, link on the lower right side again) as I want to do a better job of planning for next year. We will be doing school on a miminal basis over the summer. I'll post more on that later.

It seems like there was something else, but I've lost it. Hubby is going to bring home the laptop, so I'll have some computer/internet access still. My big bad computer is supposed to come home with a much better attitude tomorrow.

Oh, S*per Scr*bble Deluxe is loads of fun, but it takes much longer to play a game! Mom & I played last week and it felt like it took 3 hours for one game (we usually do a game in 20-40 minutes). I think it was around 1 hour and 20 minutes in reality. It's pretty wild to play for nearly an hour and still have loads of empty space on the board, plus lots of tiles in the bag. But we still had a good time.

Guess I'd better head home - the natives just called and I think things are getting out of hand. I don't really want to get home and find blood.


Gina said...

I wondered where you've been. Hope your sick computer is on the mend soon!

Grafted Branch said...

Just surfing through from the Christian Blogosphere roll..

That new Scrabble edition sounds fun!

Bunny Trails said...

Hey, Gina! I feel out of the loop, as it were. My computer was supposed to come home yesterday, but that didn't happen. He's going to call today and *hopefully* I'll see it today. I do have hubby's laptop - slow, but certainly better than nothing. Last night, I had a pounding headache, plus I was watching LOST (of course), so I never did get out to the blogosphere. I'm off to see what you have to say about the season finale!!

Thanks for stopping by, Grafted Branch. I'll be dropping by your place as well.

Blessings! :D

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