A number of years ago, I read about Letterboxing in a Rubber Stamper magazine. I always thought it would be a lot of fun to do with the boys. Last year, we finally got our act together and made some stamps, printed out some clues, and went to hunt out our first box. Unfortunately, after two different attempts, we could not locate the box. I'm not sure if we didn't follow the clues correctly or if the box was MIA.

Today we went in search of another box and we FOUND IT!! It was very exciting to follow the clues and actually find a box that someone placed in a secret place! This particular box has had many finders over the past few years; in fact, they are on their second book.

The funny thing is that when I made our stamps, I didn't know what I wanted mine to be, so I made a shiny sun. My boys wanted stamps - a bat for my oldest and a rabbit for the younger. When I saw them today, I begged my son to let me have the rabbit since it goes along with Bunny Trails! He wasn't real big on the idea at first, but I told him we could stamp their book "Bunny Trails & Son." He like the pun and decided that was okay.

Next week should be pretty nice again, so I think we'll be off in search of some more boxes. Woo hoo!


Gina said...

We enjoy geocaching (letterboxing but with a GPS).

I also thought the Sisterchicks books were about the same women. The first book had the first chapter of the second book. It was then I realized each story was about a different set of friends.

Have a great weekend

Bunny Trails said...

Since we are GPSless, we'll have to stick with letterboxing. Although I did have to buy a compass (you'd think I could find one here with two Boy Scouts!) for this venture. It's nice and small so it fits beautifully in our little letterbox lunchbox (small, decorated metal lunchbox containing our supplies).

My first Sisterchicks book didn't have that chapter to clue me in. Once I got past that little tidbit, I had fun reading the rest of them. I've even reread one of them - just because I was in the mood for a happy book. :-)

Gina said...

Thanks for the tip about Dyson. If and when this Hoover croaks, we better do some research before buying anything else.

We got our GPS free from a friend who was upgrading. Gotta love that!

Bunny Trails said...

How nice to have an upgrading friend!

We did hunt out three more boxes on Monday, which was great fun, but rather tiring by the end of the LONG third box trail. But the day was absolutely perfect for it, so it was nice to get outside for awhile.

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