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I was over at Sprittibee's reading about the Belated 2006 Homeschool Blog Awards when it occurred to me that I don't really blog about homeschool at all. Not that I'm looking to earn an award, but it was just one of those little things that pops into my head. Then I have to ask "why?" Why is it that I don't blog about something that occupies much of my time? In fact, it really is my day job.

Maybe it's because I think I'm an inconsistent slacker. Ooh, nice, aren't I? It's just that a couple of weeks ago, I tallied up the school hours so far this year. In the state of Colorado the homeschool laws require the boys to be taught for an average of 4 hours per day, 172 days per year, for a grand total of 688 hours per school year. We are a bit behind. No surprise there. So we'll be doing some longer days, some weekends, etc. But I'm sure we'll get there . . . eventually.

I think the only area in which I demonstrate any consistency is INCONSISTENCY. Then I wonder why my kids can't get it together? Ha! Ha! Fortunately I know that God is bigger than me and my human frailties and He can still train and educate these kids in spite of my nonsense.

I don't think I push my kids hard enough. I get tired of doing battle with them, and while it shouldn't deter me from doing what's right, sometimes I am deterred. Particularly in the area of writing. They both really hate it. Actually, my oldest is much better about writing this year. The baton has been passed on to the younger son to be at the pencil and paper battlefront.

Some days I'm not sure I'm doing my kids any good whatsoever. My foolish brain will start to wander off to thoughts of private school, or (gasp!) public school. But the Holy Spirit doesn't let me go very far before bringing me back to the hard facts. God has called me to homeschool our boys. It doesn't matter what I'm capable of doing. It doesn't matter how much the younger son fights with me. It doesn't even matter if I see fruit or not. All that He asks of me is to OBEY. So that's what I must do - obey.

Obedience for me in homeschooling can be summed up with five P's:

Pray, pray, pray, and pray some more!!!
Plan - every Sunday for the upcoming week.
Persist - stay on task! Don't worry about the house, email, etc.
Patience - pull this out of the aresenal for every skirmish.
Praise God for His strength, His direction, and His love and care for me and my family!

When I am obedient, the day goes well . . . even when the day doesn't go so well (if that makes any sense). When I am calm, prepared, and girded with prayer, the storms can come crashing in but I will make it through with the peace of God that passes all understanding.


Karen said...

Hi there... I came over looking for your Spring Reading Challenge post, but found this one. Boy, can I relate! I have often said the same thing about being "consistently inconsistent." I don't blog about our homeschooling much, either. And I share the same struggle with writing. Are we twin daughters of different mothers?? :)

Bunny Trails said...

Hmmm . . . maybe we are! I did find a twin sister (with a different mother) at church a couple of years ago. Since my mom goes to the same church, we shared her.

I make myself crazy trying to implement any form of consistency. In fact, I have a post that's never made it to my blog about flying be the seat of my pants. Which is, of course, the polar opposite of being consistent!! LOL!

Let me know when you come up with any good consistency plans!

Deena said...

Oh, wow...have you been peeking in MY window?? This year has been by far the most difficult...my mom passed on just 2 weeks before the new school year began, and it's been an uphill struggle all year. I'm praising God we're in the home stretch, but we still have so much left to get done. Have to remember there's flexibility in the ability to homeschool my kids, and not beat myself up so much...
I'm praying for you in California...

Bunny Trails said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom, Deena. I think it helps to hear about others who are struggline - to realize you're not the only one. It is nice that we have the flexibility in homeschool. And even better is that God is in charge and He can take our feeble efforts and turn them into something glorious! He is the reason I am even remotely able to homeschool.

While it's not on my list because I just finished it, have you ever read "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life" by Hannah Whithall Smith, Deena? It is a WONDERFUL book! Very inspired, very direct, and I was SO encouraged by what she had to say. It definitely turned my attitude around about dogging on myself (which I am very prone to doing). If you haven't read it, I would highly recommend it.

God bless you!

Gina said...

Excellent post! I don't blog about homeschooling mostly because I am not a "cool" homeschool Mom. I tried for years to make myself enjoy that type of homeschooling and just couldn't do it. Our homeschool method isn't cool by most standards but it gets the job done. My son is going to fight me no matter what we use so it might as well be easy on me!

I am so glad OH doesn't make us keep records. The law says 800 hours of instruction but we don't have to prove it. I keep attendance records but that's it.

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